SIL – Functional safety

Play it safe! FlowVision flow monitors with ATEX and SIL certification.

FlowVision flow monitors FS10 and FS20 are now certified in compliance with IEC 61508 for SIL 2 (low demand mode) and SIL 1 (high demand mode). This also applies to all ATEX variants FS10-EX and FS20-EX for Zone 2 and FS10-dbEX and FS20-dbEX for Zone 1.

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What is SIL?

The Safety Integrity Level (SIL) is a key indicator that describes the degree of risk reduction through safety-relevant systems. It is classified into four levels, from SIL 1 (lowest safety level) to SIL 4 (highest safety level). Each level defines specific requirements for the reliability and performance of a safety-related system.

Importance of functional safety

Functional safety aims to ensure that technical systems do not expose people or the environment to danger even in the event of malfunctions. This includes avoiding dangerous failures and minimising the effects of such failures. The SIL series of standards IEC 61508 forms a generally recognised basis for functional safety.