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New products

FlowVision is pleased to present a selection of new products.

For further information please click on “Download”. If you have additional questions please contact us by email, phone or fax.

Flow sensors for zones 1 and 21

FS10-dbEX, FS20-dbEX, FC50-dbEX, FC50-dbEX-CA and
FVone-dbEX-NP-CA: All ATEX sensors from FlowVision are now also available with approval for zones 1 and 21.

Hygiene flange HEF

The hygiene flange HEF enables the hygienic installation of all FlowVision push-in sensors with variable immersion depth. The process connection is designed according to DIN 32676 (Triclamp).

Mass flow meter FVone-EX-NP-CA

The FVone-EX-NP-CA is a compact mass flow meter which is suitable for measuring air, compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen in zones 2, 21 and 22. It features two 0/4…20 mA analogue outputs for flow and
temperature, one pulse output and two relay outputs.