New products

FlowVision is pleased to present a selection of new products.

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The PERFLU 5-CA is a mass flow meter with detached sensor for air, compressed air and technical gases. Configuration is done via USB or using buttons and display. Output signals include two 4…20 mA outputs for flow and temperature. The sensors of the ATEX version PERFLU 5-EX-CA are certified for use in zones 0 and 20.

Flow monitors with SIL certification

Our FS10 and FS20 flow monitors are now certified according to IEC 61508 for SIL 2 (low demand mode) and SIL 1 (high demand mode). This also applies to our ATEX versions FS10-EX and FS20-EX for Zone 2, as well as FS10-dbEX and FS20-dbEX for Zone 1.

Flow sensors for zones 1 and 21

FS10-dbEX, FS20-dbEX, FC50-dbEX, FC50-dbEX-CA and
FVone-dbEX-NP-CA: All FlowVision ATEX sensors are now also available with approval for zones 1 and 21.

Hygiene flange HEF

The hygiene flange HEF enables the hygienic installation of all FlowVision push-in sensors with variable immersion depth. The process connection is designed according to DIN 32676 (Triclamp).